If you have a Seagull Problem and need help with their removal, then TJB Pest Control can help

With seagulls becoming an ever-increasing problem for inland properties and businesses, the risk of damage and diseases are rising. Seagull pecking can cause damage to the fabric of buildings, and their nest debris and droppings can block your drains. They also are known to carry diseases such as Botulism and Salmonella that cause a big health risk.

Seagull Facts:

  • Seagulls are quite clever, they can learn, remember and pass on behaviours.
  • Seagulls can drink salt water.

Signs of a Seagull problem:

  • Loose nesting materials found around your property.
  • Damaged materials from droppings and pecking.
  • Seagulls setting on ledges and roofs.
  • Bird cries from young chicks.

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