If you have a Squirrel Problem and need help with their removal, then TJB Pest Control can help

Squirrels are a carrier of diseases but are more commonly known for their damage to properties. They are a big chewer of electrical wires and can cause great trouble to homeowners and business owners.

» Here is a list of signs that a Squirrel might live in your house:

  • Droppings are often found in lofts and attics and are very similar to rat droppings, so the right identification is essential.
  • Squirrels can make a big noise and will continuously run around the loft spaces in search for nesting materials.
  • Lookout for unusual damage caused by small sharp teeth and claws.

» Squirrel Facts:

  • Squirrels were deliberately introduced to this country sometime in the 19th
  • They frequently enter household roof spaces.
  • Mainly a resident of woodlands.

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