If you have a Wasp or Wasps Nest Problem and need help with their removal, then TJB Pest Control can help

Wasps are in fact the most common pest in the UK, more so in the summer period. They are naturally angry and can sting after little provocation. They are large, buzzing insects with black and yellow stripes and are between 10-15mm long. The queen is larger than the normal wasp at about 20mm length. Common wasps will tend to build their nests inside of something, this is usually an attic, shed etc.

Wasp Facts:

  • They have less hair on their bodies compared to bees.
  • They have 3 main body parts, the head, thorax and abdomen.
  • Only female wasps sting and can do repeatedly.
  • Worker wasps can vary in size from 12-17mm.

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