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All but biting flies feed by vomiting saliva on the surface of food, then they will suck up the resulting liquid. During this process, the food will become contaminated with bacteria from the fly's guts and feet. Therefore they can transmit food poisoning, typhoid, cholera and dysentery in countries where these occur.

Here is a list of common flies around your property:

  • Blue bottle - these are usually linked with rotting food or flesh.
  • Cluster - found in attics and cavity walls.
  • Fruit Fly - associated with fruit, but can also be found around fermenting residues found in Breweries, Pubs, Vegetable Plots and Fruit Orchards.
  • Mosquitoes - found near water and can bite.

Fly Facts:

  • Flies can carry the eggs of parasitic worms.
  • Over 100,000 species of flies live on earth.
  • Flies don't have teeth.

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