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Mice can pose a very serious health risk and can carry various diseases. Mice droppings and urine are one of the main ways that disease can be transferred, often found on kitchen surfaces where human contact will inevitably happen.

Murine typhus, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Salmonella are some of the main diseases that can be spread by Mice. As well as a health risk they are also known to cause damage to furniture, flooring and also cables.

Here is a list of signs that a Mice might live:

  • Squeaking and scratching under the floorboards and behind the walls.
  • Droppings the size of small seeds.
  • A strong mould smell near the main nesting area.
  • Nesting materials.

Mice Facts:

  • The house mouse gestation period is 19-21 days and litter sizes can be up to 14. » One female can have 5-10 litters per year so populations can increase rapidly if not treated.
  • Their fur colour varies between light brown and grey.
  • Mice can use ultrasound to communicate.
  • They can be found in nests that they build out of cloth, wool and paper.

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