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The term woodworm comes from the various species of wood boring insects. Woodworms are often introduced into households by second-hand furniture. They will lay their larvae in wood, then larvae will feed on the wood which will damage and weaken the building. There are four species of Woodworms, Furniture Beetle, Deathwatch Beetle, Longhorn Beetle and the Powderpost Beetle.

Here is a list of signs of possible Woodworm.

  • Look for pinholes in wood caused by their larvae.
  • Wood dust can be caused when larvae feed.

Woodworm Facts:

  • The common Furniture Beetle roughly spends 3-4 years beneath the surface of timber eating wood and weakening structures.
  • Woodworm holes differentiate in diameter depending on the particular species of wood-boring insect that is present within the structure.

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