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There are a few different types of Bees in the UK, Bumblebees, Tree Bees, Solitary / Masonry Bees and Honeybees. Bees will only sting you if they feel threatened, this will most likely happen if you are in close proximity to a nest or swarm. Nests can be found anywhere in a house, also in gardens and sheds.

Here is a list of the common species you may encounter:

  • Bumblebees - these are social insects that live in a colony with a queen and her offspring.
  • Tree Bees - commonly establish their nests in bird boxes or in parts of buildings.
  • Solitary / Masonry Bees - rarely found in large numbers.
  • Honeybees - providers of honey and rarely represent problems.

Bee Facts:

  • Up to 15% of the population suffer from swelling and allergic reactions from bee stings.
  • Only the Honeybee is protected.
  • Honey bees are the only insects that make food that people can eat.

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